Vetted Security Solutions and FINDER Software Solutions

Company Spotlight

FINDER Software Solutions
Solve crimes faster with FINDER. Link and share data sets to uncover investigative leads, patterns, and cross-agency collaboration. FINDER is the most advanced information sharing and investigative lead generation platform available for law enforcement agencies. FINDER integrates RMS, CAD, and other digital databases to work alongside added content-rich solutions such as public records, facial recognition, criminal records, LPR, vehicle information, booking images, and so much more. For more information visit

Vetted Security Solutions
For more than a decade, Vetted Security Solutions has proudly served law enforcement agencies, municipalities, and commercial and academic security professionals with cutting-edge crime-fighting solutions. Our robust product offering includes fixed, mobile, and trailer ALPR systems, facial recognition, data-sharing platforms, video analytics, surveillance solutions, and more. Offering industry-leading manufacturers as a single-source solutions provider Vetted can design, manufacture, install, and provide post-deployment support. Vetted, helping create safer communities. For more information visit